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SMMUSD Averages 500 Student Absences Each Day

Since daily school attendance is directly related to high student achievement, improved student attendance is a priority at Roosevelt. When your child misses school, he or she misses valuable instruction.

Absence Reporting Protocol

It is a parent’s responsibility to inform the school within 5 days of your child’s absence. Absences not cleared within 5 days will be recorded as unexcused.

  • Please contact Estelle Flores by email at
    • Be sure to include your child’s name, teacher name, symptoms or a short description of the reason for the absence.
  • Call the attendance line at 310 395-0941 ext. 68208, or
  • Send a signed note with your child including his/her name and teacher, the date(s) of the absence and the reason for the absence on the day he/she returns to school.
Unexcused Absences

Unexcused absences include family vacations, business trips and personal days. Tardies over 30 minutes are considered unexcused absences. Every month, notices are sent to inform families whose children have accumulated excessive unexcused absences.

  • First Notice: This letter will be mailed after three (3) unexcused absences.
  • Second Notice: This letter will be mailed after six (6) unexcused absences. It notifies parents that they will be expected to meet with school administration for a pre-SARB (School Attendance Review Board) conference.
  • Third Notice: This letter will be mailed after nine (9) unexcused absences. It gives notice that the family will be referred to SARB.
  • Letters will also be mailed for students with excessive excused absences (8 or more).
Which Absences Are Excused?
  • Illness, medical appointments, and bereavement.
  • Religious observation and court appearances, when requested by the parent. A detailed list can be found in section 48205 of the California Education Code.
Independent Study

A parent may request independent study for a child who will be absent for 5 or more consecutive school days. Independent study must be prearranged with your child’s teacher two (2) weeks prior to the absence. A contract is available from Ms. Flores in the front office and all schoolwork must be completed so that your child and the school receive credit for the missed days.

However, independent study is no substitute for the instruction that your child receives from his/her classroom teacher. Please make every effort to schedule family vacations during our school vacations.

Thank you for making sure that your child is in school and on time daily! We greatly appreciate your partnership in ensuring that your child receives an excellent education.

Bell schedule

Drop-off Gates Open
(Regular) 8:10-8:25a
(Wednesday) 9:40-9:55a

Regular Dismissal Times
TK-Kindergarten 1:40p
1st-2nd Grades 2:50p
3rd-5th Grades 3:00p

Minimum Day Dismissal Times
TK-Kindergarten 12:20p
1st-2nd Grade 1:00p
3rd-5th Grade 1:15p

*Stay tuned to your Teddy Times email for more info on Grade level Gate Assignments!

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